[pkg] OpenCore OC引导核心文件 0.5.5 Pkg

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Fixed CPU bus ratio calculation for Nehalem and Westmere
Fixed CPU package calculation on MacPro5,1 and similar
Improved OpenCore rerun detection for new versions
Fixed loading picker on boot failure when it is hidden
Added PMC ACPI sample for 300-series chipsets
Improved driver connection performance on APTIO IV
Fixed boot option saving in LogoutHook.command
Added support for OEM information in ExposeSensitiveData
Improved SanitiseClearScreen to avoid mode switching
Replaced SupportsCsm with AdviseWindows enabling UEFI mode
Fixed issues with default boot path selection on some boards
Update builtin firmware versions
Fixed AdviseWindows not setting FirmwareFeatures in NVRAM
Added TakeoffDelay option for improved action hotkey support
Added Mac GOP support to ProvideConsoleGop quirk
Added experimental BuiltinTextRenderer boot option
Added DummyPowerManagement kernel quirk to disable CPU PM


OpenCore-0.5.5-RELEASE.zip (1.43 MB, 下载次数: 31)

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