[pkg] OpenCore OC引导核心文件 0.5.6 Pkg

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OpenCore OC引导核心文件 0.5.6 Pkg

v0.5.6 更新内容

Various improvements to builtin text renderer
Fixed locating DMG recovery in APTIO IV firmwares on FAT32
Fixed loading DMG recovery in APTIO IV firmwares on FAT32
Removed AvoidHighAlloc quirk due to removed I/O over 4GB
Moved ConsoleMode, Resolution options to Output section
Moved console-related UEFI quirks to Output section
Replaced ConsoleControl and BuiltinTextRenderer with TextRenderer
Removed ConsoleBehaviourOs and ConsoleBehaviourUi
Fixed providing ConsoleOutHandle GOP when running from Shell
Added PickerAttributes option to colour picker
Added ProtectSecureBoot option through FwRuntimeServices
Replaced RequireVault and RequireSignature with Vault
Added BootKicker tool to support launching Apple BootPicker
Added BootPicker support as an external UI in OC through PickerMode
Added DirectGopRendering option to use direct GOP output
Multiple memory corruption and performance fixes for PNG support
Fixed DefaultBackgroundColor variable handling
Added HideAuxiliary and Auxiliary options
Fixed picker timeout and log timestamps for VMware
Fixed NULL parent DeviceHandle for launched tools
Added bundled HiiDatabase driver for very old firmwares
Added SSE2 support in memory intrinsics for better performance
Improved ACPI PM timer CPU frequency calculation performance
Improved LapicKernelPanic compatibility with newer macOS versions
Fixed drivers starting with # not being skipped
Added audio support through AudioDxe with optional boot chime
Added VoiceOver accessability support in boot.efi for 10.13+
Added PickerAudioAssist option for audio assistance in picker
Added HdaCodecDump.efi tool in default package
Added legacy AudioDxe and Microsoft namespaces to Reset NVRAM
Merged OcSupportPkg with OpenCorePkg for easier bisection
Disabled warnings in release versions of NVMe and XHCI drivers


OpenCore-0.5.6-DEBUG.zip (1.82 MB, 下载次数: 58)

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