[pkg] OpenCore OC引导核心文件 0.5.7

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Added TimeMachine detection to picker
Added early preview version of OpenCanopy
Fixed FS discovery on NVMe with legacy drivers
Added DirectGopCacheMode option for FB cache policy
Added KeyFiltering option to workaround buggy KB drivers
Added tool and custom entry separation in audio assistant
Added OpenControl tool to configure full NVRAM access from Shell
Added boot.efi debug protocol support for 10.15.4+
Added boot.efi performance logging for 10.15.4+
Added ProtectUefiServices quirk to fix DevirtualiseMmio on Z390
Replaced BOOTCAMP Windows with Windows to match the original
Added bundled OpenShell originally available as OpenCoreShell
Rework readlabel utility into disklabel with encoding support
Renamed FwRuntimeServices driver to OpenRuntime
Renamed AppleUsbKbDxe driver to OpenUsbKbDxe
Update builtin firmware
Fixed PowerTimeoutKernelPanic on 10.15.4
Fixed 4K section alignment in OpenRuntime to fix Linux booting on SKL
Introduced SyncRuntimePermissions to fix multiple memory permission flaws
Introduced RebuildAppleMemoryMap to fix macOS booting on Dell 5490
Removed ShrinkMemoryMap in favour of more advanced RebuildAppleMemoryMap
Marked EnableWriteUnprotector as deprecated on modern systems
Introduced ProtectMemoryRegions to fix memory region handling
Removed ProtectCsmRegion in favour of ProtectMemoryRegions
Renamed PickerAttributes to ConsoleAttributes
Introduced PickerAttributes as a matter of UI configuration



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